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Henna Workshops in Kingsbury, London

Meditate in the mesmerising world of henna patterns and lines with our henna workshops. We also offer workshops in make up and rangoli.

Learn The Art Of Henna, Hands On!

Henna is the traditional art of painting patterns on parts of the body. A Bridal Artist's beginner’s henna workshops will teach you everything you need to know about applying and designing henna tattoos, an exquisite art you can share with your family and friends. From the application of henna to professional designing of henna, our henna training courses in Kingsbury, London, will help you build those creative skills that are essential for this ancient art. Besides personal use, you can also benefit from this on a commercial level too!
Henna tattoos

Henna's Happening!

  • Henna tattoos
  • Mehndi designs
  • Rangoli courses
  • Henna mixtures
  • Henna application
Wedding make-up
Henna tattoos

Healing & Heart-Warming

The art of Henna can be used in several ways. Whether it's to dye hair, nails or skin, henna has long been known to possess medical properties that heal. Henna as body art requires comprehensive artistic talents in order to create intricate and original designs that enhance and allure. A Bridal Artist is here to nurture your creativity and provide you with the essential skills to succeed.
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Learn the sacred art of henna application. Call
07872 482 730 to enrol now.
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